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Chinese Restaurant POS Systems

Having trouble in making your English and Chinese speaking employees? Can’t manage them all at the same time? Are communications hampered because of the language barrier? Then there’s a lot of solution that you can do. One is by training your staff to study both languages. However, that could take time and money. The other is to use a POS system that translates items and orders in real-time. The second option is far better than the other one as you don’t need to invest in time and money.

Choose Alliance’s Chinese Restaurant POS Systems can be easily run and set-up multi-language ready. Whether you need to translate your POS systems from English to Chinese from one server to another, or to add Chinese character support for your POS system output, you can easily rely on Choose Alliance. In addition to that, we can even create Chinese language for your kitchen staff and English language for your wait staff for greater efficiency.

Surely, our POS systems are very powerful when it comes to those kinds of things. But is that all? No, there’s more! Our Chinese Restaurant POS Systems can be a powerful monitoring and tracking tool for you! You can easily track sales, inventory and stocks in real-time, anywhere you are, as long as you have connected it to your devices such as PC or smartphone.

To give you a quick overview of the total features our Chinese Restaurant POS systems have to offer, look at the bullet points:

  • Tracking and monitoring stocks and inventory
  • View sales performance
  • Track employee work hour
  • Manage and make inventory changes anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Promote customer loyalty by implementing discounts, promos and loyalty points
  • Chinese and English interface
  • And more

There’s still plenty more than you can imagine and if you want to learn more about our products and services, you can call us at 1-888-405-8706 or by filling out the contact form. Alternately, you can get started by filling out the leasing application form.

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