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Restaurant POS System

Restaurant POS System

Restaurant POS system ensures mobility of the restaurant’s day to day activities. It simplifies the job of handling the orders as well as supply of food without any clash on food unavailability. Payment is also handled through multiple payment gateway which keeps track of all the tables at the restaurant.

Waiters can take the orders from the customers using the iPad touch screen. The food on menu is shown on the screen which reduces confusion on the availability of food ordered. The customer and the waiter will get notification about the order status and delivery time.

Restaurant POS System may have the following features:

* Browse the menu

* Order food

* Food availability

* Order status

* Delivery time

* Games to entertain

The main part of the waiter is to communicate the order to the kitchen and get the food to the table. This job is simplified using the iPad Restaurant app which directly post the orders from customers to kitchen. The kitchen app reflects the food availability to the customer. The status of food preparation and delivery time can be updated through the app.

The restaurant POS is a complete solution to mobilize the activities at the restaurant. The activities at the restaurant which includes managing the orders taken, delivery and payment. The app centralizes the information that is handled at the restaurant which make it easier for order tracking and billing. The orders placed in the kitchen is updated with the POS app which produces the correct billing.

Investing in Restaurant POS System is very helpful to the growth of a business. It reduces manual efforts, enhance customer satisfaction, provides analytical reports, and  improves your cafe’s day-to-day functionality.



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