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Welcome to Choose Alliance, the Leading Provider of the best POS System Software!

We offer powerful POS systems and POS management systems to aid you in achieving success. Our POS system software are designed to provide you with intuitive solutions, solutions that can be used to create a powerful business strategy to achieve your success.

Our POS systems come on a lease to own or buy now options. This allows anyone to begin utilizing the power of POS systems in building a successful business depending on their current budget.

Isn't it better if you can have a total control over your business? Good thing our POS systems can do just that!
Quality POS Systems

Class and Quality

Choose Alliance offers state of the art POS systems, developed with efficiency and simplicity in mind. You will be equipped with powerful systems in no time!

Solid POS Frameworks

Solid Build

Our POS systems run smoothly and steadily. We create intuitive and easy to learn user interface so you will have no problems in learning to use the system at all.

Custom POS Design

Custom Features

One of the best features of Choose Alliance POS systems is that we offer powerful custom programming options. Make your POS system truly unique to your business.

24/7 Technical Support

Ongoing Support

We are dedicated on providing the best support to our customers. We offer 24/7 technical support, free staff training and on-site installation to help you get started.

Need the Best POS Systems? You are on the right place!

Our point of sale systems are powerful, intuitive and fast. We guarantee you a 100% satisfaction by offering your business an opportunity to obtain the ultimate business management tool you need to help you reach success.

Why choose us?

  • No mandatory merchant services
  • Full POS system customization
  • Lease to own or buy now payment options
  • Free staff training
  • Free delivery and on-site installation
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Major credit card processors compatible
  • POS systems are 100% translated & multilingual ready
POS Systems

Boost Business Performance with a POS System!

Choose Alliance POS Systems are developed using the latest technologies and ease of access in mind. It can offer you powerful business monitoring and management tools. Using the data that you can gather from the POS system, you can create endless marketing strategies that will surely help in boosting your business sales.
Monitoring Inventory

Monitor Stocks and Iventory

You can easily monitor stocks and inventory with our POS Systems. You can view their status in real-time and even provide you with alerts whenever a certain item drops low in stock. You will never have to worry about missing items ever again.

Tracking Sales

Track Sales and Trends

Easily determine what product sells the most and what sells the least. You can easily view your best performing service or product and make adjustments in terms of stocking and inventory as well as pricing. This way, you can prevent wastage efficiently.

Promo and Discount control

Implement Discounts and Promos

A well-known and effective way to gather more customers is to offer various promos and discounts to attract new ones and keep the loyal ones. Easily set-up and track these promotional offers using our POS Systems to expand your customer base to the maximum.

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Join the 35 000 + Happy Users of Choose Alliance POS Systems and see why they love it so much!

"As I am doing my research, I needed a POS system, I came across ChooseAlliance. It was a fantastic experience! They had a bundle where I can keep an eye to customers using CCTV, then a powerful POS system and a portable financing. I just love their system."  -- El Inka Grill

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