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Archive for February 2014

Aldelo for Restaurants

Simple but highly effective restaurant management solutions are offered by Aldelo for Restaurants. They offer a variety of operational products depending on your business type. […]


School Store POS System

Besides from being tricky to manage, a school store is a business with many competitors and if you are after outdoing your competitors and retaining […]


Tobacco Shop POS Systems

Running a tobacco shop business is demanding to both your time and attention. Even when you inject a lot of your time and effort, human […]


Shoe Store POS Systems

Keeping track of your entire inventory of your shoe store is a daunting task that can drain your energy and leave you frustrated. Choose Alliance […]


Sporting Goods POS Systems

Sporting goods vary from a wide range and require a lot of bookkeeping in order to keep track of all inventories. Human errors are inevitable […]


Sandwich Shop POS Systems

Do you run a sandwich shop? Then you probably know how busy it can get during peak hours. Rather than disappointing your wide range of […]


Retail POS Systems

There is so much software out there whose authenticity has not been advised and relying on such software to increase your profit margins might be […]


Quick Service POS Systems

Quick service should be just as the name suggests; quick! Why then invest in a cash register that will only make each transaction longer thereby […]


Pet Store POS Systems

Are you a pet store owner? Pet stores are often flocked by animal/pet lovers, pet trainers or hobbyists. It is important for you to put […]


Paint Shop POS Systems

With paint shop POS systems, you will be able to manage your paint shop as easy as a piece of cake. The automation of the […]

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