Simple but highly effective restaurant management solutions are offered by Aldelo for Restaurants. They offer a variety of operational products depending on your business type. Some of the solutions that you can find from Aldelo are the ability to process payment efficiently, keep track of liquor stock as well as sales, and the ability to follow real-time orders being sent to the kitchen. It also grants you the ability to create a better way of promoting your items in the menu by allowing you to create colorful advertisements. If you need help in training and programming, they also offer help in these areas to make you employees more proficient.

Our Choose Alliance POS on the other hand offers user-friendly interface, making it a good option as your employees can easily navigate through the system interface with ease. In addition, Choose Alliance POS offers four different payment options, each caters to different types of budget you have; with this, you have flexible options that’ll never ruin your budget plans. Starter plan, for example, is the cheapest and most basic option perfect for those just starting out whilst the enterprise plan is perfectly suitable for large or advanced businesses operating on a large scale. Choose Alliance POS process payments only through secure system. In addition, additional accessories, hardware devices, software packages are all provided by Choose Alliance, no need to source multiple vendors!

Choose Alliance POS is the best POS software and management system, which offers simplicity and functionality for all bars and restaurants. Increase efficiency, profit and maximize productivity while minimizing complexity using our easy to use systems. Our Aldelo POS systems can handle things like monitoring sales activity, inventory, ingredients, deliveries, order and driver tracking, customer tracking, in-house accounts, gift card management, floor layouts and reservations. Choose Alliance POS system is perfectly suitable for table and quick service order entry. With all of those things combined, customer satisfaction is at hand!

Get the control that every business needs like financial accountability and extensive reports, which is surely a way to success! No matter how big or small is your business; Choose Alliance POS system is the perfect solution to achieve simplicity, productivity and efficiency.

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