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Before purchasing a POS System, the business owner should think twice and be wise in choosing which is best suited for his company. Different types of business requires different POS system. Not everything will apply will apply to a certain kind of business, so examine a full checklist on what would best suit to your business. 

Questions you may ask for the following:

POS for Retailers

Does your system meet common needs of retail operations?

Does your system support promotional kits, a buy one, take one promo, discounted sales on certain items?

POS for Restaurants and Hospitality

Can a new POS system help enhance customer service?

Will it help me track which server is responsible for which table?

POS Technology needs

Which would you recommend for my business, touchscreens, keyboards, scanners,  all of these.


Focus also on the dealer and their software.

Other POS interview questions may be asked:

Can you import data from my Existing POS system?

Will it entail extra costs?

Can you export data to accounting system?

Will you do the installation for me?

Will it entail extra costs?

If we buy from you, will you be available to check the system and its maintenance?

How can I get help when I need it?How much will the contracts costs?

How long have you been in this business?

Can you give me references of companies who are your clients?

When can I have a demo?Can you bring me sample reports?

We at Choosealliance give free orientation to any first time POS System clients and users. We are here to help you if you have any concerns to your current POS System whether the product is from us or from other company.




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