Are you a pet store owner? Pet stores are often flocked by animal/pet lovers, pet trainers or hobbyists. It is important for you to put up measures to ensure that you benefit fully from your pet store. A comprehensive Pet Store POS system offered by will enable you to get a grip of your business even when you are far away. How so? You may ask. A point of sales system has numerous automated features that enable it to collect critical data as well as place orders whenever a certain supply runs out.

A Pet Store POS system form from Choose Alliance will enable you to track your entire inventory in real time; no items will go missing. The point of sale system helps you to keep track of the employees work hours and their wages are adjusted to match to the total number of hours. If you happen to be running low of a certain supply, an alert will be sent to your smart device to notify you on the same. Managing pet stores has never been easier and you will soon be smiling all the way to the bank after making a handsome and befitting sale. If you so choose to install the Pet Store POS system as a bundle package together with CCTV cameras, your perks will definitely shoot up through the roof. The CCTV surveillance will enable you to monitor the security situation in your store instantly; your employees will also know they are being watched and hence conform to commendable work ethics.

Give your customers an easier option to shop from your store; that of installing Pet Store POS systems that allows them to make purchases right from their mobile devices without having to go down to the store. Loyal customers can also be awarded loyalty points or gift cards to enable them purchase products at a discounted price; with such incentives, customers will be flocking to your store once their pet’s food runs out. What about attracting new customers, how does the point of sales system achieve this? The Pet Store POS system achieves this by incorporating an optional digital menu board. With this, you will be able to display the services and products you offer. Your customers will not have to inquire from other shoppers on where to find a certain product. Who wouldn’t like that?

The POS system will also replace traditional methods of carrying out tasks; the traditional methods have for sure contributed to the downfall of businesses due to the lack of a comprehensive monitoring system. With the POS system we offer, tasks such as bookkeeping and the tracking of inventory will be automated thereby reducing the number of errors. It can also generate daily sale reports and transactions, a move which will reduce employee theft and help you determine which batch of pet food sells the most. For more information, feel free to contact us by calling us through 1-888-407-2980 or by filling our contact form.

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