So, you just received your newly developed POS system from your favorite distributor? Are you really excited to have the installation team prepare your infrastructure for you and get the system up and running? Yes? Then after a few hours, everything has been set-up and ready and your POS systems, terminals and other necessary details. Now, your store is almost ready and your grand store opening will commence next week and today is Friday. Nice story, eh? Now, the only question left is “Do you know how to operate your POS systems?” or at least your staff? If not, then that’s easy because there are many companies out there that offers POS tutorials for a cheap price so you can be up and running in no time.

In case you haven’t already knew it, there are different kinds of POS systems. Some examples are Restaurant POS systems, which are primarily targeted for restaurants and Pizzeria POS systems, which, obviously is targeted for Pizzerias. If you own a particular business, you might want to invest to a targeted type of POS system for better compatibility and greater efficiency. Though it’s a bit more expensive compared to regular POS systems, it will offer you a more robust and more powerful set of features that will enable you to expand your customer reach and “compatibility”.

If you own a liquor store for example, you might want to have a feature such as per shot pricing or discount on bulk orders. Those features come integrated to a liquor store POS system. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for additional feature programming and you can save tons of money from it.

POS System Features

There are so many capabilities in a POS system such as inventory tracking, order tracking, sales monitoring and many more. We will discuss them in a few moments. Using a POS System can improve your overall store performance because they have the ability to make things faster than light. Well, not literally but if you compare it to manual work, the speed is greatly noticeable.

POS Systems are designed to minimize the time spent in entering data from your customers and their purchases. All you need to do is a one-time data entry and you can easily updated and add new data about your existing customers if necessary.

The common features of a POS system include the following:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Sales trend analytics
  • Real-time reports
  • Robust database
  • Easy implementation of discounts, coupons and personalized services
  • Membership implementation and management
  • Easy feature customization

There’s more to it, because of its customization feature, you can change every last minute detail of your POS software making it truly dedicated to your particular business.

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