At, we want to help you better manage your Thai restaurant better and more profitably by providing you with a comprehensive Thai restaurant POS system. Running any kind of business is hard and our point of sales system will enable you have honest employees and in that way reduce employee theft; the POS system tracks their work log and ensures that their wages match the number of hours. Monitor all the items making their way into and making their way out of your restaurant; real time inventory tracking is one of the most relied upon features in the Thai restaurant POS system.

Are you unsure of the items that are popular at a specific time of day? The Thai restaurant POS system will be able to generate daily sale trends for you. These trends that are complete with graphs will enable you make accurate predictions and avoid turning away your customers simply because their favorite Thai dish has run out. Your sales output will be increased when you make use of these peak hours to offer loyal customers loyalty point and discounts, a move which will end up attracting even more customers to your Thai restaurant.

Increase your profit margin exponentially by using a Thai restaurant POS system offered by Choose Alliance by reducing your operational costs and boosting sales. With a POS system, tasks such as bookkeeping and inventory management are automated and you won’t need human labor to help you achieve that. Furthermore, our range of POS systems can be custom made for your restaurant. Even when away travelling, you will be able to fully monitor all the activities taking place in your restaurant. Knowing that they are being monitored, your employees will be at their best conduct.

Choose Alliance has something for everyone. Our point of sale system will deliver in its tasks and what’s more? We offer you several free goodies should you lease to own the Thai restaurant POS system. For only $75 a month, you should be comfortably on your way to owning a comprehensive and customized Thai restaurant POS system that will enable you seal all the loopholes into which your hard earned profits disappear into. Forget all the hassle of managing your restaurant the hard way (manually) and entrust the growth of your business in the POS system offered at Choose Alliance. The free goodies include free training on how to operate the Thai restaurant POS system in managing your restaurant, delivery as well as installation.

The time to install this POS system from is now; grab this opportunity and get in touch with us for the provision of more information regarding the functionalism and installation of the Thai restaurant POS system. It has many more features that make running your Thai restaurant pleasurable. Feel free to contact us by calling us though 1-888-407-2980 or by alternatively filling out our contact form.

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