Running a tobacco shop business is demanding to both your time and attention. Even when you inject a lot of your time and effort, human errors still arise from your employees. How about a solution to all that? At, we offer you a tobacco shop POS system that will do more tracks to your employee’s work hours. Our tobacco shop POS system is a comprehensive surveillance tool that also enables you to monitor all the activities that are taking place. Are you worried about your ever rising operational costs? If yes, there are more reasons for you to consider investing in a tobacco shop POS system that will fine tune all your operations.

You will be able to monitor your sales in real-time. If you are unsure of what tobacco brand sells most and at what time, simply study the daily sales trend generated by this POS system and afterwards make an accurate deduction from the reports and graphs. Can the management of your tobacco shop be made any easier and profitable? A point of sale system takes charge of all your bookkeeping thereby allowing you time to relax; you will only need to verify them periodically.

One of the hardest things to track in tobacco shop is the wide range of inventory that keeps coming into and going out of the tobacco shop. With such large and diverse inventory, you need a tobacco store POS system that will effectively notify you whenever a certain brand runs low. Also, the POS system can place orders automatically in the event that you are too pre-occupied to do so. Your customers will no longer be turned away on the account that their favorite brand has run out of stock. Keep your customers coming back and attract many more by offering high quality service and convenience.

A tobacco shop POS system offered by Choose Alliance may optionally feature CCTV cameras. This constant surveillance will improve security in your shop and stock will stop disappearing into thin air. You might be unaware that some of your dishonest employees are drawing up false sales records and thereby resulting in loss; using both the CCTV for surveillance and the daily sales reports will train them into becoming truthful subsequently increasing your profit margin. Customer will also frequent your shop when they know that their safety in your tobacco shop is assured through the CCTV surveillance.

Which is the most effective way to keep your customers coming back to purchase their favorite products? Award them with loyalty points or gift cards and offer them discounted prices. This is another ingenious feature of the tobacco store that will see you achieve higher sales like never before. You can also alter the price on any of your inventories through this POS system that has been designed for your smart phone. For more information regarding the tobacco shop POS system call Choose Alliance at 1-888-407-2980 or fill out our contact form.

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