POS software programs are very popular nowadays and we can see a lot of great offers around us. This program can offer a great help in managing all sorts of establishments, be it a restaurant, grocery store or even department stores.

A POS software program can take various specific capabilities and features depending upon its target market. A video rental software for example, will need to have a similar functions as of that found in a library; people are to borrow videos and then return them after a certain amount of time. You will have to keep track of all the videos you have and the people who borrowed videos from you. In the earlier days, this was done via the aid of registers and ledgers, but it was proven inefficient and unreliable most of the time. But with the new advancements in technology, we can now use POS systems to track and manage these things via a matter of clicks plus, the best side is its unerring efficiency.

An ideal POS system can store all of the necessary information about your customers and our POS systems have that kind of capability. Some of the necessary information from your customers are name, age, address and other contact details.  After that, you can then enter these details to a database and create a card, which will be their pass when they want to borrow some videos from you. With this, only a member of your video store can rent from your collection; no need to worry about missing or unreturned ones!

There’s another big plus of getting a video rental POS system: the ability to create a database of your video collection for easy access and monitoring. One technique that you can do is to issue a unique code number for every video that you have in store. But with our video rental software, you can even type the movie name to find it in the database.

Our POS system can easily track of all your customers, all videos and those that are currently borrowed as well how long it was out. If one member requests to borrow a video from your collection, Choose Alliance POS software program will present them with a receipt that contains all necessary details such as the payment, video borrowed, expected return date and notice for additional charges for late returns. This will also upload the details about the person who borrowed the video to the database along with their previous history. This will allow you to create loyalty programs. In addition, the POS system can notify you if a due date is missed which will save you huge amount of time keeping track of these things manually. Aside from those things, ChooseAlliance POS system can also be used as an effective marketing tool to help you create discounts, events and other offers.

If you have any questions about our Video Rental POS Software of if you want to have a system customized for you, call our knowledgeable sales staff! Call us at 1-888-407-2980 now.

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