Nowadays, web based restaurant POS systems are becoming more popular than traditional POS systems. This was probably the result of its new features not available in regular restaurant POS systems. One of these features is the ability to maintain the software up-to-date without the need for an in-house IT staff or one that comes along often.

In addition to that, ChooseAlliance web based POS system can help sending payroll to a separate payroll company, ability to access the system remotely and access to the web based reservation software. As you can see, these are just some of the reasons why restaurants are beginning to switch.

Updating the Web Based POS System

Keeping your POS system up-to-date is one of the most important thing that you must do. This can help your system optimized, bug-free, efficient and faster or sometimes to have a better appearance and accessibility. Traditionally, an IT person needs to come to your restaurant, either when you are doing something or in the middle of ungodly hours. And if you are a restaurant owner, you don’t want someone interrupting your important business hours.

ChooseAlliance Web based POS system allows an IT personnel to access your systems remotely allowing them to upload any software to the system. They can even configure and/or alter the settings as if they were at the store.

Web Based Reservation

The Web Based POS system is now widely used to take reservations over the internet. There will be no need for an operator to input data from the guest. In addition to that, guests can automatically see which tables they are requesting.

Our ChooseAlliance web based restaurant POS systems are fully customizable so give our knowledgeable sales team a call to find the perfect fit for your business! No need to worry if you don’t know anything about how a point of sale system works, we will be glad to help you! Call us at 1-888-407-2980 now.

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